Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Gift Box Reviews

You might remember that a while ago I ordered a few Gift Box Subscriptions, as testers for Grand Prizes in author events. Now that they've arrived, I can better tell which are worth the money and what gifts are worth paying more for.


My Geek Box

For this one, you can buy back-dated boxes through PayPal, but not the subscription boxes. For that you'll need a credit card. Since I don't like paying for subscriptions through cards, I bought the back dated box, from Christmas 2015.

Inside the Secret Santa Box: Ghost Rider Keyring, Rubiks Cube Coasters, Sonic Stationery Set, Villains in a Can sound horn, Mobile Phone Joystick. There was also a Transformers mug, but I gave that to my dad.

Cost: £12.10 (includes postage)

Other cost options are:
£17.99 for an auto-renew monthly subscription
£12.99 Breaking Bad Box
£22.99 Star Wars Box
£8.99 Secret Santa Box
£12.99 Mystery Past Box
£12.99 Afterlife Box
£19.99 Welcome Box

This box would be great if you had kids. I mean, each box is relatively cheap, especially compared to Geek Fuel. And you can choose between 5-7 items in your box, which can alter the price. However, the things I received were all YA rated and aimed at kids - stationary etc.
I do like that you can choose extra one-off boxes, with a set theme. This suits me better than the mystery boxes.



Prudence and the Crow

Prudence and Crow is different. As a book-box website, you can get an awesome set of gifts: a vintage paperback, a book bag, bookplates, a bookmark and surprises. All in a handy box that will come through your letterbox. And they accept PayPal, which I love. You can buy a one off box or a subscription.

This was what came inside mine:

Cost: £12 for a one off purchase.

These are other cost options:
Untitled 5



I also ordered from : Geek Fuel : which wasn't included in my previous list.

Geek Fuel

Geek Fuel is a little like My Geek Box, but with a difference. All subscription boxes are available through PayPal. But, because it's dollars, it's trickier to explain, cost wise.

Here's what was inside my box (February's Surprise Box): Retro Magazine x2, Chimichangas T-Shirt, Firefly Winter Hat, Deadpool keyring, GeekFuel Magnet, Candies in a Tub, Free Phone Game, Geek Fuel magazine.

Cost: $29.90 / £21.32

Other Costs:

Although coming from the US, the box didn't take much more than one or two weeks more to arrive, which was great. I also think the box is more "adult" orientated than My Geek Box, which supplied quite childish items.
For me, the items in this box were more recent and well worth the money.



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