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Reblog: Severus Snape | Important Scenes in Chronological Order

I'm a big lover of Harry Potter - you've probably noticed. Well, when I came across this post, I just couldn't resist sharing it. Read, watch and have a peek at some of the related stories on the sidebar, too. You just might find something of interest.

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J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series may center on the Boy Who Lived and his friends, but they’re far from the only heroes in the story. I’m not talking about Albus Dumbledore or members of the Order of the Phoenix. No, I’m thinking of Severus Snape. For the majority of the books and films, Snape is portrayed as a smug villain. He dares to be impolite to our protagonist and appears to have given his allegiance to Voldemort. But there’s so much going on underneath the surface, and YouTuber kcawesome13 put together an edit of the movies that showcases just how tragic the story of Severus Snape is. I’m not saying it completely absolves Snape of his often misguided actions, but boy, perspective is neat.

Kcawesome13 uploaded the video over a year ago, but it’s just now hitting the radar of the Internet at large. She’s put all of Snape’s most important scenes into chronological order. Meeting him as a young boy first rather than as a stern adult makes a world of difference. This cut makes you feel Snape’s struggle and love for Lily Potter so acutely that it aches. Yeah, it’s that intense.

A couple of notes before you press play: It’s heartbreaking. No, seriously. If you have any kind of appreciation for the Harry Potter story, this edit will punch you in the gut. At 14 minutes, it’s not the shortest thing on YouTube but sit down and give it your full attention. Are you ready? Here we go…
I need a spell to put my heart back together, please.

Now I want to take a similar approach with the books and string together Snape’s scenes in chronological order. It won’t have the same visual punch in the gut, but it would be an interesting exercise… that would probably also make me cry. Accio, tissues.

We’re here for you. Go ahead and share your Snape feelings in the comments.

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Also, stop by the original post to check out the video at the end.

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