Thursday, December 24, 2015

One More Sleep 'Til Christmas

With only one more sleep until Christmas day, I thought I'd celebrate one of my all time favourite Christmas movies, which is one of the only movies to really place an important on the whole "One more sleep 'til Christmas" idea that we grew up with. As kids, one more sleep 'til Christmas was about the excitement and presents of the next day. Now, as adults - and in this movie - it's more about finally setting aside time to be with family, celebrating each other and the holiday. It's not that often that we adults come together, to deliberately take time off from our heavy schedules and set aside time to be with family. Most of us can't do that, until there's a good excuse. Even at Christmas, there are some who still can't do it - those who work with vulnerable adults, in the medical, fire or police sectors and those who are depended upon to be there when others can't be.

So, let's celebrate One More Sleep 'Til Christmas, the way it deserves. And, if you can't be home for Christmas, the Muppets always make me smile and give me that warm, fuzzy glow, so I hope it can do that for you, this holiday season.



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