Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cover Reveal: Crystal, The Christmas Angel

Here is the front cover for CRYSTAL THE CHRISTMAS ANGEL, by: Theresa Oliver-Author, a middle-grades children's picture book, coming THIS WEEK from Write More Publications, just in time for the holidays! More about the blog tour in January coming soon!

Take a look:

All of the angels in Heaven are preparing for a big event, and Crystal, a little angel, wants to be a part of it. But the more she tries, the more the angels tell her that she is just too little. That is, until God himself gives her the biggest, most important task of all ... going with the Archangel Gabriel to Mary, and bringing God’s greatest gift to the world. But can Crystal do what God asks?

Journey with Crystal as she discovers that God sometimes chooses the most unlikely for the greatest tasks. Crystal also discovers that you are never too little to do great things. You just need to believe and never give up.

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