Saturday, November 28, 2015

Character Casting: The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood

When authors write books, the first thing we think of is who is going to be in it. Who will be the lead characters, who will be backup and, in the case of a series, will each book be about the same people, or will each new book focus on a new main character.

We very rarely ask ourselves who will play these people, if it becomes a TV show or a movie. But this is something I like to do, for the fans, who want someone to visualise. Or fans who have read the book, loved it and wonder what it would look like in the world of Hollywood. It's a fun nugget, so that's what we'll be exploring here.

This cast is for 'The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood', book one in the Ruby Hood series, by Stephanie Greenhalgh.

Stephanie has asked that we not use any actors/faces that might encourage readers to envision the characters in a specific way. Instead, this casting is more about the personalities of the characters and allowing the readers to determine their own cast.

So, if you have a cast in mind, feel free to drop us a comment with an image or a name of who you think should play these characters.



Now let's meet some of the characters:

Ruby Hood

...feisty, fearless, Guardian of the Wood, blonde, athletic, runner, practices yoga, in tune with nature.


Kent Wolf

...handsome, strong, rational and logical, steely blue eyes, dark features, wolf, loves Ruby.


Dylan Hunter

...tall, longish hair, broad shoulders, emerald green eyes, loyal to Ruby, Huntsman, silly and bit goofy.


Kayla Wolf

...tall, stunning, black hair with touches of blue and gray underneath. Wicked, shape-shifter, killer.



...white haired old lady. Feisty character. Guardian of the Wood. Protected Woodsville for generations, then took over again when Ruby’s father passed away.


Lilly Fair

...Ruby’s best friend, swimmer, brow curly hair, freckles.


Mayor Wolf

...Kent’s father, married to Kassandra Wolf, an older, slightly more handsome version of Kent, athletic build, lean, graying at the temples, eyes even steelier than his sons.


Kristine Hood

...Ruby’s mother, widowed when Ruby was only three.


Kassandra Wolf

...sassy, snarky, sarcastic bottle blonde. Married to Mayor Ken Wolf.


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