Saturday, November 14, 2015

Author Resource: Calendar's

Ever written a book so far into the future that you're really not sure about dates? I have. Let me tell you that, without this link I'm about to provide, I'd have been dead in the water and lost for weeks, trying to work out days, months and years in an appropriate manner. I've got a story in my lock box called Esthim. It's about a planet called Esthim and a girl who has to travel there, to find/rescue her father, who fought a war there and was left behind, either DOA or MIA. No one is sure, so she hires an elite military crew to take her there.
Now, as you can probably guess from the space travel, this book is set in the future. Waay in the future. So, I needed some help figure out my timeline and this website was a gem.
What is it?
Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, this baby can do so much more than just tell the time or date of the right now. It can go back and forward in time. It can deal with world time zones, the weather, the sun and moon and much, much more!
First off, let's start with the calendar's, since that's what we're here for. I'm going to ask it to give me the calendar for a random year - I'm going to choose 3012, for the UK - and see what it comes up with.
How did I get here?
Here's your home page menu:
As you can see, there are many options for the Calendar tab, so I recommend playing around with it. But, the best part is that you choose what year/month and country you want a calendar for and it will give you an entire year's worth, if you want it to. Also, they give you a handy little PDF printable button, so you can save or print it for your records.
AND, as if you needed more, they also give you the holidays for that year and country. (These are for our random year - 3012)
Cool, right?
So what are you waiting for? Go play!
Explore and report back your findings. I can't wait to see what you guys discover.

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