Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lessons I've Learned from Disney - Part 2

Guest Author: Elaine White
This article is by Elaine White. All opinions are her own.

If you follow a Will-o-the-wisp you’re likely to get into trouble. But do it anyway - Brave
Laughter is more powerful than fear - Monsters Inc
If you spend too long on a pirate ship, you can get ‘Cabin Fever’, while out on the ‘Big Blue Wet Thing’. That’s a fact! - Muppet Treasure Island
If you dress up like a man and join the army to go to war, expect to be caught! And expect to fancy someone. - Mulan
If you want to find somewhere to hide something important, choose a teddy bear. - The Rescuers
Always trust your dog’s instincts. If they say something is wrong, listen to them. It usually is. - 101 Dalmatians
Never be sure that something you've destroyed is totally gone. Mary Poppins may be listening to you. Unless you love spoon fulls of sugar, don't burn anything in your fireplace! - Mary Poppins.
Never try to frame someone who is crazy. Roger Rabbit is far too wacky to let himself get caught up in murder. If you’re going to choose someone to frame, make them a likely suspect and don’t overdo the ‘evidence’ you’re planting. That makes it far too obvious. - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
If you’re having the best day of your life, admit it! ‘Best Day Ever!’ is something you should scream in delight all the time. It brings a smile to everyone’s face. - Tangled
If you have a dream, sing about it. Especially with a group of big, scary, drunk, tattooed psychos and murderers. Great idea. - Tangled.
Sometimes 1 out of 5 times is enough. Success doesn’t come over night. Sometimes all you need is some practice. - The Mighty Ducks
Everyone wants to be a bash brother! - The Mighty Ducks 3

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