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Interview With Author Elaine White

Author Interview:
Elaine White

·      What is the title of your book? The Alpha and the Oracle

·        Please tell us a little bit about your book.

The Alpha and the Oracle is the first book in a brand new trilogy, The Belesone Pack.
Milo has been given more than enough time to find his true mate, but the task is proving difficult. When the Elders decide to choose his mate for him - runt of the pack Katarina Torlov - Milo's life begins to unravel in the most unexpected ways. He may be the Alpha, but he's just met his match.

·     How did you come up with your book idea?

I was reading a story on Wattpad, an LGBT werewolf story and although the plot was good, I realised that a lot of the 'werewolf' and 'pack' parts of the plot were missing. So I decided to write one of my own. I was in Oban, on holiday at the time, and wanted to write about a community of wolves that had to hide from humans, but who could also be open within their own community. The romance between Katarina and Milo was the first idea that came to me and then I had to work the werewolf story around that, but weave it through the romance as well.

·     Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Never underestimate someone, based on what you think. In this novel, Milo sees Katarina as weak, pathetic and the runt of the litter, just because she's a little different. But in reality, she's more than meets the eye.

·     What are your publishing credits?

Well, I currently have four novels released with Write More Publications, as well as two short stories in WMP anthologies. I also have four novels published with Hot Ink Press, and am featured in two of their anthologies. There are more to come, with both companies.

·     What are your plans for the future?

Lots. There's the next two books in The Belesone Pack Trilogy, the next four books in The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles and many, many more YA novels to be published with Write More Publications. Mostly, I'll be finishing and fine-tuning some great stories.

·     What is your day job?

I'm a writer. At the moment, my health prevents me from working any other job, so I'm living my dream right now.

·     What is your preferred genre to write?

Romance. Basically, anything with romance is a green light, for me. My motto is “Romantic at Heart”, because I'll write any genre once, as long as I can integrate a romance.

·     How did you become a writer?

By fluke, I think. I remember not reading or writing much until I was almost fourteen. I was able to read and write before I got to school, but it was never really a passion until my English teacher in high school got a hold of me. He introduced me to books that I loved and that I loved debating about. All the other books I'd been encouraged to read at school had never been my taste, so I'd definitely say that he helped me refine my taste in literature and showed me how to expand on that passion.

·     Are you a planner, complete with detailed outlines, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing?

I'm somewhere in between, I think. I generally start the story with a vague idea of a beginning, middle and end. I write notes of what I want, in a vague way, and make sure to note any 'set' conversations that I really want to take place. Other than that, I run with the story as it happens. Sometimes what I planned doesn't always work out or the characters change their mind. I'm happy to let them lead the way.

·     What is the best writing advice that you have ever been given?

To keep fighting through the writer's block. I used to get it all the time, so much so that I wouldn't touch a story for over a year until I'd worked out the plot problems. No matter how bad the story gets, I just keep working on it until it's done. Any editing or plot problems can be fixed in editing.

·     What advice would you give a new writer?

Edit the heck out of any book you write, before you send it to anyone. Editing is where I find all of my mistakes. And, if you have a Kindle or e-reader, use Calibre to convert your document into the right format and read it on the e-reader. Trust me, you'll notice all the little niggles this way. The e-reader forces you to read your story as any other reader would and reconstructs the formatting, so with lesser words per line, you're more likely to spot mistakes. You can also highlight and make notes.

Editing is probably the most valuable tool you'll ever have, as a writer. Once a book is written, it needs to be edited at LEAST five times, by yourself or other people, before you show it to anyone. It's a lot of work, but the story will thank you for it.

·     What other projects do you have in the works at the moment?

So many that it's a little crazy. :) I have a folder of 15 stories that have been started or are in full 'note' form and really well planned, that I have to write up. Then I have another 20 that are vague, that will need a lot of work, too. Right now, I'm working on book 3 of a trilogy for WMP, called The Evander's School for Enchanted Personage, and getting the next two books in The Belesone Pack Trilogy ready for publication.

·     What surprises can we expect from you in the future?

Who knows? I can barely tell where stories will take me, so probably somewhere crazy.

·     If you could journey into any of your books, interacting with the characters, which would it be and why?
Hard choice. I'd probably choose to step into my Evander's series, because it's about kids with magical abilities and I'd love to find out what mine could be.

·     What are you reading?

Unfortunately, nothing at the moment. I'm so busy editing and writing that I don't have much time for reading right now. I wish I did, my TBR list is huge! Lol.

·     What’s the most amusing thing that’s happened to you while you were writing this story?

Hmm...probably that I was able to write the entire first book of the trilogy in one week. I couldn't believe it and, although it needed a lot of editing, it was exactly the story I wanted.

·     What public appearances do you have planned in the future?

None. At the moment, my health doesn't allow for public appearances, but I'd definitely love to do some in the far future.


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