Thursday, August 20, 2015

Coming Soon! Forever Friends, by Elaine White

Forever Friends is the latest YA, by Elaine White. The story follows the lives and loves of Cait and Brayden, as they discover secrets about each other that threaten their lifelong friendship.



Already dating the perfect girl, already the most popular guy in school, Brayden isn't looking for complications to his life. But this time he doesn't have a choice.
When best friend, Heaton, exposes a secret about lifelong friend Cait, a sense of hurt and betrayal sinks deep and flips his perfect life upside down.
Confused and scared of what this revelation will do to their lifelong friendship, Brayden is beyond furious to discover that Heaton exposed Cait's secret from jealousy. Heaton is in love with Cait!
A twisted love triangle, two best friends and a jealous girlfriend.

Will Cait and Brayden’s remain forever friends?




*This extract is unedited and subject to change, before publication*

 “Okay boys, here’s the deal,” Cait decided that they both needed a good wake up call, since both of them were ridiculously unskilled at reading signals and women. “I am not in love with Brayden. But I do have a very big crush on him. I’ve just told him that, Heaton, so excuse the utter terror in his eyes…it came as a bit of a shock,” she smiled as she talked to Heaton, who arched an eyebrow at her, then glanced at Brayden, who was still gazing into space, looking horrified.
I will not, now or ever, apologise for how I feel. But since you’ve fallen out over this, here’s what I have to say,” she began, giving them both a look that said they better listen and listen good. “It’s none of your business - either of you - how I’m feeling. I’ve known for years how I feel about Brayden,”
Brayden made an odd choking noise and Cait and Heaton watched, as he finally turned to look at her, his eyes wide. “Years?” he gasped, as if trying to keep the word a secret.
Yes love, I’m sorry,” she patted him on the arm and continued, as if he had never talked at all.
I’ve also known, for the same amount of years, that nothing will ever come of it. That is my problem, not either of yours. I will, eventually, get over Brayden and, when I do, I’ll be just as happy as I am now,” she warned them that she wasn’t, and had never been, na├»ve enough to think that she would ever get to be with Brayden. Things like that didn’t happen in real life.
Why?” Heaton asked the question and although it could have been ambiguous, Cait felt she knew what he meant.
Why was she happy now? That was an easy question to answer. It was the same reason she didn’t fall apart on a daily basis or whenever she came across Brayden lip locking with Dyan.
Because, right now, he’s happy with Dyan, which makes me happy. And when I’m over him and I can find someone of my own, then I’ll be happy for me too. So nothing will really have changed,” Cait was honest about how she felt. She didn’t want the two friends falling out over her inability to get over an unrequited crush.
Except that you won’t be in love with me anymore,” Brayden sighed, heavily, as he spoke, making her mad.
But she tried not to be. She tried to understand his aversion to seeing her as anything other than a friend. It was just hard. Especially to her face.
She poked him in the ribs to placate her anger, smiling in a playful way, as if she was just making fun of him. Really, she wanted to wring his neck.
Ah ah. No L word. I told you. It’s not love…not yet,” she corrected him in a sing song voice, that spoke of laughter and fun. As if it didn’t kill her inside to hear him talking about her feelings for him, as if they were some deadly disease.
But…you’re my best friend,” he protested, lamely.
And?” Cait couldn’t help but let the exasperation seep into her voice. Even Heaton was rolling his eyes, at the inevitable clueless attitude of their friend. “Does being your best friend mean that I can’t fancy you? I don’t think so. And I’m sorry to break it to you, Brayden, but there are a lot of hot boys in this school. The both of you included. I would be insane not to fancy one of you, at one point or another,” she reasoned, before finding another reason why she might not fancy one of them. “Or into girls, I suppose. But I’m not, so let’s not get your imaginations going,”
Brayden groaned and slammed his head into the table.
Too late,” he complained. “God, this is…terrible,” he moaned.

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