Monday, June 22, 2015

Review Spotlight: All WMP Books

We're going to celebrate the reviewers who have taken the time and care to read and review our WMP books.


Hunting the Moon

"I really enjoyed how the author used places around where she lived along with local legends to develop the plot for the story. The use of Celtic lore also aided in the development and was twisted into the plot and gave a deeper meaning to the overall storyline."

"This read was beyond creepy and packed full of suspense. I loved that about it. Know what else I loved? The romance. It was sweet and the attraction was instant. Daemon and Lilly make one hell of a team. And together they set off to find out why her husband’s ghost is back. Even if it costs them their lives."

"I really enjoyed this story, very suspenseful, intense, a lot of action. What do you do when you are being haunted, by your husband? Become more depressed naturally.
What do you do when you are being threatened by a ghost and not knowing why? Fight back.
Two people drawn together and not knowing why is just part of the suspense. A romantic tale of two people who are lost emotionally, and are brought together. The pull is so overwhelming, one wants to protect, while the other can't seem to function without the other."

"It was really a great story of love, romance, mystery, religion of old and new. Loved the history, fables, and stories built into this. Different and I enjoyed reading it"


Destined Oracle

"This book drew me in so quickly! After the first couple of chapters, I couldn't put it down. The story was so exciting, with the perfect combination of beautiful romance, suspense, action, and fun!"

"This debut YA novel by J.G. Martinez has everything: good, evil, tragedy, love, twist, turns and (my favorite) magic!"

"The author certainly made this book very interesting by putting a great twist on what we know to be both mythical and magical. This was written well and flowed at a steady pace."

"Made me Laugh and Cry, made me get into trouble at work cos I couldn't stop reading and went over my Tea/Lunch Breaks."


The Butterfly Who Didn't Want to Fly

"I love the fact that a mother and son wrote this book together. The illustrations are just lovely. It is a short and simple tale of overcoming fears and rising to the occasion. I think that young children will relate to the character's fears and also respond to the colorful pictures. Great first effort for this mother-son writing team!"

"The story had a beautiful way of teaching kids an important lesson in life, without making it feel that way. A book to enjoy no matter what your age."

"This was a beautifully illustrated and heartwarming story of overcoming fears! Children will relate to the themes of friendship and the satisfaction of realizing dreams."



"Star-- by Theresa Oliver, isn't just a regular novel inspired by Vampires-- it is much more."

"This book is fast paced, good humoured, and historical. If you are into the revolutionary war, and thirst for blood, this book is for you. Recommended for Young adult readers--"

"Fast paced and entertaining."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book it kept me guessing. I love the characters, I especially love Rick the protective yet fun father figure. I highly recommend this book its not your ordinary vampire story."

"This book is an action filled, vampire romance, told from the point of view of a vampire. The vampire qualities follow quite closely to other current vampire books, so it's easy to feel akin to them. I love the deep emotions felt in this book, and the great friendships that are depicted. There is plenty of action in this book, which makes the book flow nicely, and makes it difficult to put down. I look forward to more books with this cast of lovable characters!"


My Haunting Love

"I love that this heroine is deaf. The YA genre is loaded with strong female characters, beyond strong, often imbued with physical ability and powers beyond the norm. To read a story where that is turned around and the main character has a disability is wonderfully refreshing. Feminine strength comes in many forms, and it was a pleasure getting to know Calista."

"It’s been a while since I’ve read a true YA book and, to be honest, I didn’t think I would like it that much. I was wrong. It wasn’t long until this story hooked me in and as I was approaching the end, I couldn’t put it down. But I think the best thing was that I wasn’t sure how it would finish."

"With a romance surrounded in mystery and suspense this is a well written entertaining story and would be a good addition to any paranormal romance lovers bookshelf."

"MY HAUNTING LOVE is full of spine tingling suspense and even has a bit of romance. Not your usual romance but ghostly romance! And that is what makes this story different from a lot out there and fun to read. MY HAUNTING LOVE is a great YA read but I am almost positive any age (YA and older) will love it. Need a different paranormal romance? Then this one is for you."


Runaway Girl

"Elaine White has woven an interesting and original tale of family, betrayal, love and friendship. I enjoyed this story and look forward to journey were Elaine White will take us next."

"Thee are many shocking revelations and unexpected twists and turns which make it a real page turner and it grabbed my attention and kept a firm hold on it till the end.
The different POVs really made it easier for me to connect to different characters and experience their emotions more accurately.
A great and must read for ya all so go and garv your copy and enjoy the ride folks!"

"Elaine White has crafted an interesting and complex plot line with original characters and a unique storyline that will definitely keep you on your toes. "

"I know most Paranormal world you have to know how there world works in this story it was to the point and then full action from there in till the end.I really liked this book. If you love romance, and Vampires and Paranormal grab this book and check it out you won't regret it."



"Cambria is a beautiful story that weaves so many of the fantastic fantasy themes together and produces a page-turning book I didn't want to put down!"

"I could really get into this book, and all the details made it feel very real. I was hooked from the beginning!"

"The book feeds your imagination and makes it so easy to picture in your mind what is happening. Especially the action scenes. I found myself reading even faster just so I could get to the next part. A thoroughly enjoyable read that will keep you reading until the end! Can't wait for book 2!!"

"OMG I could go on and on about this wonderful book. Please please read it. I have to say towards the end i felt a lump in my throat.
I'm not going to Spoil things for you but this book is a MUST read. When I finished it today I was down because I wanted to know more. So guess what i'll be doing I'm going to purchase the next book. "

"Cambria was a smart, sweet, and adventurous read all in one. I enjoyed the story, and was brought back to the days of when my dad would tell us stories of princesses, knights, and castles when we were growing up. It was easy to read and left you with a warm feeling at the end."


Remembering Zane

"Remembering Zane is a novella about two High School friends that went seperate ways and reconnect years later under heart-breaking circumstances. What follows is a wonderful, emotional love story that demonstrates how fate can lead two people together, even in tragedy."

"I immediately became captivated by the author's writing style: airy, sensual and detail oriented. I love details, and Remembering Zane did not disappoint."

"Wow- so much in such a short read. !! I loved it !!! Sigh - "

"The great thing about Wilsoncroft's books is they target everyday people. With each of her books you get something new and different...not the same old-same old you read all the time. So do me a favor and check out her books over on goodreads then pick one up today to read."

"I have said this before about this book, but I will say it again; this is the hardest book for me to review. I love this story so much it is difficult for me to talk about it without giving too much away. Ms. Wilsoncroft grabbed this reader from page one and reluctantly released me at the end. I laughed, cried, and just plain loved this book."



"Sadly, I can't really comment on the really juice parts of the story because it should really be a surprise. If I start commenting on the brilliant stuff, then I'll be ruining it for you guys. I will say that I was so engrossed that I stayed up all night to read it. I literally couldn't put it down. But what I really loved, what was that sometimes we, the reader, were just as clueless about what was going on as Jessie is, concerning what is real and what isn't. I think that is a stroke of genius.
A highly addictive read."


Fat Chances

"If you haven’t read any of Wilsoncroft’s books…get to it. What are you waiting for? Her books are real and I am almost sure you will love them as much as I do."

"J.S. Wilsoncroft has a knack for writing very realistic and believable characters. There is a great line toward the beginning in which Annie is talking about escaping and getting into the 'real world' where she'd be with people that had their own problems and wouldn't worry so much about hassling her for having her own.
I think a lot of us fall into that trap at some point in time, and as the mother of two teenage girls I see it first hand. School can be a nightmare and other kids,especially other girls, can be cruel. Many of us become fixated on one thing about ourselves and believe if we can just fix that one thing, or get away from that one thing, then all of our problems are solved. In Fat Chances, Annie begins to understand that her biggest problem isn't her weight or even other people, it's her own lack of self worth and that's something she can't escape."

"Oh my goodness, I've just finished this and I have a huge smile on my face.
I LOVED this story!"

"This book promotes building self esteem in big girls and shows them that they are still beautiful inside and out and deserve to be loved. J.S. Wilsoncroft, did not sugar coat the story when it comes to certain scenes in the book, she lays it out straight and tackles the everyday problems head on."


Novel Hearts

"I'm a huge sucker for romance and all that is couples and love. The stories were all great, heartfelt and I found myself smiling through them as I turned the pages."

"This book will appeal to all romantics (and many cynics), it’s got plenty of great characters to connect with and keep those pages turning!"

"As a whole, this book is great. There is a story for everyone. For those interested in paranormal, horror and light romance, for those who just don’t care as long as it’s sweet and romantic."

"I feel in love with each and every character from the feisty and strong willed Ruby Hood to the self doubting and lovable Annie(Fat Chance my Love). Every story in between will hold your attention and leave you wanting more."


Angels Among Us

"A wonderfully inspirational book by not just one but several great authors. I won this book in a giveaway and planned on just passing it on to a friend of mine but after reading it I just had to keep it! Wonderful job to all the authors!"

"Great anthology, full of heart and meaning! My personal favourite was Kim's, "Christmas." Girl, you've hooked me for anymore of your publications! I couldn't get enough of that story alone. "

"With authors from three different countries, and various ages, each story was unique from the rest and there was something for everyone. There were stories of guardian angels, and humans employed by heaven to work on Earth. Many of the stories were truly inspirational and give hope to the reader. I highly recommend it!"

"Regardless of your preferred genre, there is something in this book for you."

"It made me look back on things that have happened in my own life and made me wonder maybe I had a Guardian Angel who looked after me when I was in a car crash. 
The stories are fantastic. Gives you an idea or even a strong feeling of what happens to you and when is really looking out for you when something bad happens and you make it through."


Thou Shalt Not Kill

"This book grabbed me from page one! I really could not stop turning the pages. The love and faith throughout this book made me feel warm inside."

"Wow this book has it all from action to romance to adventure. When I first started this book I didn't know what to expect but It had me from the first chapter, then it was BAM just none stop!"

"Action from start to finish. Faith and love throughout the book. New found friendships formed from a bad situation. Kids fighting for their freedom, family, friends, their whole way of life. Its an amazing book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a bit of action and romance all rolled into one. Many thanks to Theresa Oliver for giving me the chance to read."


The Christmas Cottage

"It really makes You think. I had never read anything from Theresa Oliver before and I found it very good and enjoyable."

"I found it the perfect indulgence with a cup of coffee the other morning before the kids woke up. It's simplicity was welcome, and it's message one that never gets old."

"Oliver reminds us that our life does not belong to us alone. We impact and matter to the world at large. Whether we recognize it or not. And yes, we are not alone even in our darkest hour. I highly recommend this one to give yourself a little spiritual pep talk to get over that last hurdle to the new year."


The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood

"All in all I really enjoyed this book and I'm thinking it has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a ya paranormal book has to offer…I can't wait to see what happens next…assuming there is a next! Oh gosh! I hope there's a next!"

"There was quite a bit of wickedness in this book. The wicked step mother and the two wicked daughters. Everyone has to pick up this book and read and re-read it. It is wickedly good."

"A well written fantastic take on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. The story is original, even though it has inferences to the old fairy tale. I really liked Ruby, she is wise for her young (17 years) age. I also liked the suspense and action. Those who love dark fairy tales will enjoy The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood."

"I LOVED all the cross references and the innuendoes in this story! It's about a 17 yr old teenager by the name of Ruby Hood, that comes into her powers as Guardian of the Woods due to tragedy and fate. 
I LOVED the reference of her having to go "over the river and thru the wood" to see her grandmother! Every time I read that in the story I had to pause and snicker as it was so cliché, but the author actually made it work!"

"I was expecting a fairy tale. Well I got that and so much more! It falls easily into the paranormal genre... I can even see it as a romance or mystery. It takes talent to take a story that has been told so many different ways already and put a fresh hip spin on it! I couldn't quit turning the pages to see what happened next!"


The Awakening of Agnostos

"This was a terrific read from page one. There aren't enough contemporary authors writing about the Greek myths in my opinion and Jennifer Paquette and Nicholas Perotti have written a winner with this."

"I just finished reading this book, and it is fantastic! The story is so much fun! I don't know a lot about Greek Mythology, but I loved the way it was told here!"


The Unfaithful Widow

"I love the high a good book brings on, and The Unfaithful Widow kept that high going long after the book was over. Read it and let me know what you think. Raise your hand when you’re done and tell me you would love to see more of these fun, amazing characters. I know I do. I love when average people get the fairy tale. And, in my opinion, Wilsoncroft wrote a perfect love story."

"The Unfaithful Widow is a romantic/comedy/mournful book that promises a few laughs, great romance, and endearing fairytale romance."

"Oh my Gawd! I just finished The Unfaithful Widow! Jamie Sue Wisoncroft. It was so intense. It was so beautifully written. All the elements of a wonderful loving story, I loved it, I laughed I cried, you never missed a beat."

"If you enjoy a character driven romance with some great twists and a lot of fun and a big dose of sexy, this book is for you! Recommended, five stars!"

"A good romance story with several twists and turns which the reader just doesn't see coming!"


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