Saturday, May 30, 2015

Coming Soon! Secrets from Another World

Coming soon from Write More Publications...

Secrets from Another World

by J.G. Martinez


"Macy Rhodes is an ordinary young woman trying to make ends meet as a waitress at a truck stop cafĂ© until a good looking guy with amazing green eyes catches her attention. As events unfold and Macy rescues him, she gets a shock of a lifetime; they have met before. As Macy's past unveils, she must face that her life is far from what she had thought it to be … ordinary.
Soon, she finds herself on the run with this hot man that she doesn't even know. Does this place he is taking her to really exist, or is he crazy? Follow Macy as she is thrust into a world that she never new exists as she learns the secrets of her past that are out of this world."



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