Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Reading!

Write More Publications'

Summer Reading List! 

Hey, everyone! Summer is here, the birds are singing, the beaches are calling and you are wondering what to read while relaxing by the pool! Well, look no more! Below is a list of great summer reading books in many genres from Write More Publications! Pick the one you like, purchase it on,, Barnes and Noble or Smashwords and go for it! Below  are the links. Enjoy, everyone, break out those Kindles, and have a great summer! Oh! And reviews are welcome! 


Novel Hearts (Write More Publications Valentine's Day Anthology) 

Remembering Zane

Fat Chances

By: J.S. Wilsoncroft

The Unfaithful Widow

By: J.S. Wilsoncroft

Paranormal Romance

Love Bites (Write More Publications Paranormal Romance Anthology)

Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles, Book 1)

By: Elaine White

Star (Starland Vamp Series, Book 1)

By: Theresa Oliver

Hunting the Moon (The Moon Series, Book 1)

By: Becca Boucher

My Haunting Love

By: J.S. Wilsoncroft


Cambria (Cambria Series)

By: Theresa Oliver

Destined Oracle (Destined Oracle Series)

By: J.G. Martinez

Angels Among Us (Write More Publications Angel Anthology)

Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles)

By: Molly Bryant

The Twistedly True Tale of Ruby Hood

By: Stephanie Greenhalgh

The Butterfly Who Didn't Want to Fly

By: Theeresa Oliver and Trace Oliver

The Awakening of Agnostos (Myths of the Olympians) 

By: Jennifer Paquette and Nicholas Perrotti


Thou Shalt Not Kill (Thou Shalt Not Kill Series)

By: Theresa Oliver

Happy Reading! 

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