Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Beat the Heat" Summer Blog Tour First Stop: "A Writer's Perspective"

"Beat the Heat" Summer Blog Tour
Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles) (Vol. 1)
by: Elaine White

The "Runaway Girl" blog tour is no win full swing!  Please visit the first stop on the tour, Stephanie Greenhalgh: Writer's blog, "A Writer's Perspective." Remember: the more blogs you visit the better your chance of winning the Amazon gift card ♥ Good luck, everyone! Also, if you would like to review "Runaway Girl," please send an e-mail to writemorepublications@gmail.com! 

"A Writer's Perspective": http://stephaniegreenhalgh.blogspot.com/

"Beat the Heat" Summer Blog Tour Schedule: 

 http://stephaniegreenhalgh.blogspot.com/   A Writer’s Perspective ~ July 1st, 2nd  and 5th 

 http://www.jessicabaldwinaspiringauthor.blogspot.com/ Jessica Bladwin Aspiring Author ~~ July 7th

 http://amymahvampire.blogspot.com/ My Life as a Teenage Vampire ~~ July 8th

 http://blogsaboutwriting.blogspot.com/ Blogs About Writing ~~ July 9th

 http://www.tometender.blogspot.com/ Tome Tender ~~ July 10th

 http://www.kaylalone.blogspot.com/ I Love Books ~~ July 17th

 www.stephaniekeyes.com/the-blog/ Embrace The Magic ~~ July 18th

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