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Tuesday Review: "Thou Shalt Not Kill" by: Theresa Oliver

Tuesday Review
Thou Shalt Not Kill by: Theresa Oliver

"So, yes I have to say this book has floored me. When I first started it I was like, oh no, she didn't go there with a school killing. But the more I read the more you hooked me. I mean it's just my humble opinion, but I think this could be huge. It's right up there with Hunger Games and I can even compare it to the novel Eve. (That was a dystopian after plague America where teenagers had to fight for survival.) I couldn't stop reading it, I can't stop thinking about it, and I just think it's fantastic. Casey as a lead is the total package of strong girl turning into a woman, yet vulnerable and moral. The way the kids ban together, are forced to grow up, face loss, perfect. And the thread of Thou Shall Not Kill, the commandment, the morality, the inner struggle Casey feels and faces in practicing her faith and saving her friends and family, that is what sets it apart and makes it different.

You weren't afraid to let her face loss and grieve, you didn't shy away from the cold harsh reality of "war".  You showed the internal conflict it takes to pull the trigger. It was real and raw, and didn't talk down to your target audience. Timely, yet not patronizing or hate filled. You kept surprising me with little plot twists, the pacing is perfect, the characters are all central to the story, and the plot line is believable. I never once thought otherwise. I was totally immersed in their world. 

When I first read My Haunting Love, I admit I read it early last year, I knew that was YA gold. And this is right up there. I just think this book is fantastic. Really. I am actually on my second read through since I read it so fast the first time ... love it."

Synopsis: In Thou Shalt Not Kill, Catholic high school students are faced with a decision: do I kill to save my life and the lives of others or not, even at the cost of my own life? Casey Nichols and her friends are forced to answer this questions after finding themselves in the middle of WWIII when their school, their city, and their country are overrun by terrorists. The decisions they make have consequences, but can they live with the choices they make? Derek saves Casey’s life, but will another steal her heart? In Thou Shalt Not Kill, some will live, some will die ... all choose to fight. When all hell breaks loose, which path will you choose?


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