Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Excerpt from 
Destined Oracle (The Destined Oracle Series) (Vol. 1) 
by J.G. Martinez

What do you think you’re doing? What’s wrong with you?” She didn’t sound as furious as I would have thought, confusing me. She walked closer, but I still didn’t answer. “Savina, answer me. What’s the matter with you?”
That did it. My temper flared and so did that bubble feeling within my chest and the loud humming within my ears. “What’s the matter? I should ask you that, Mom!” I threw back at her rudely, getting quickly to my feet. “Why didn’t you ever tell me about this place? About these people? My father? Or his family? What are you hiding from me? And don’t tell me you’re not hiding anything because I know you are! I want the truth! Now! All of it,” I yelled at her.
She gaped back at me, shocked that I yelled at her. I had never yelled at her like this in all my seventeen years. I was appalled with myself, but didn’t show any sign of it. I was more appalled at her for withholding vital information from me about our past. “Savina, come with me back to the house and we can sit and discuss this,” she said, raising her hands in surrender.
My eyebrows furrowed together, agitated and confused. I couldn’t figure her out. Her demeanor changed dramatically after I yelled at her. Why was she raising her hands in fear? Then suddenly, that bubble feeling welled up within my chest again, stronger now, stretching further out beyond my body. I didn’t understand this strange and powerful feeling I had.
“No, you tell me everything  … now! Every little detail you’ve managed to keep from me all this time. I can’t believe you’ve done this to me. I’ve always trusted you and … now I can’t,” I said louder than before. The bubble grew more with each passing second and with each angry breath I took.
“No, come back to the house …” she began again, but I cut her off abruptly.
“No, now!” I said it so loudly that I could hear my voice echo throughout the woods. At that moment, the bubble expanded out further and with a sudden powerful force, it snapped back into my body with fierce repercussion. Half a second later, a sudden violent blast of air shot out of me like a shock wave from a bomb. Suddenly, my mother was thrown through the air and landed on her back onto the pavement. The shock wave blew through the trees violently, rushing through the branches all in the same second. Then suddenly, everything went dark.
Excerpt pp. 18-19, Destined Oracle (The Destined Oracle Series) (Vol. 1) by J.G. Martinez. 

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