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Writer Wednesday: Excerpt of "Destined Oracle" by J.G. Martinez

Writer Wednesday
Excerpt of "Destined Oracle" by J.G. Martinez

“No, it’s okay. You can have your first lesson right now,” she said, smiling at me.
“First lesson?” I asked, both excited and apprehensive.
“Yes. Now … hold out your hands, palms up, and cup them. Close your eyes and picture the book in your hands.”
I did as she said and waited, but nothing happened so I opened my eyes. I felt silly.
“Okay … let’s try something else. Close your eyes with your hands still out like that. Good! Now, imagine a small sphere of blue light in your hands.”
I tried as she said, but nothing happened … again. “I can’t. Maybe I don’t have powers, Mom,” I huffed, already feeling exhausted.
“You do have powers. You have more powers than anyone in over a thousand years was born with.”
“A thousand years? Wow. Me?” I was confused but didn’t care about that part at the moment. “Why don’t you have powers, Mom?”
“As I said before, I fell,” her tone and expression was disheartened.
“You fell? Like an accident? You can lose your powers from getting hurt?” I felt kind of silly for even asking that.
“No, I fell from grace,” she said it slowly, kind of scared. I looked at her in wide-eyed confusion and she continued, “I am a Fallen Angel. When we fall from grace, we lose our powers, but we can still pass them on to our children.”
It took me a minute to process what she had just said while she waited patiently. I figured she knew I had more questions, “I am half Wizard and half Angel?”
“Yes,” she said, but she looked like there was something else that she was not ready to add.
“Okay, hold my hands out and close my eyes … now what?” I prompted her, sitting with my hands out in front of me, waiting expectantly.
“Imagine the blue sphere of light floating barely above your hands. Okay, don’t think of the sphere as a solid, think of it as hollow … transparent. Good.”
When she said the word “good,” I opened my eyes and saw a tiny blue flicker fade out quickly. “What happened?”
“You opened your eyes and stopped concentrating. Okay … try again, but with your eyes open this time, if you can.”
“Okay, talk me through it again, please.” I was excited now.
“Imagine the blue sphere of light. See it … misty and barely floating above your hand.”
I concentrated while she talked and a delicate blue sphere slowly appeared, floating above my palms, just as my mother had said.
“Yes. Good!” she said, smiling proudly.
I gasped and the blue sphere dissipated. “Wow, I did it, Mom! I actually did it! It was beautiful!”
“I knew you could, Savina. Now, try again … but this time without me talking you through it.”
“Okay,” I replied, then took a deep breath and began to think about the blue sphere of light. As I did, I felt a tingling in my hands and saw the blue sphere forming. I concentrated and it got brighter and brighter. It was amazing, beautiful, and I could feel the power within me, strong and instinctive. I played with the sphere, moving it from one hand to the other. Suddenly, I felt a strong surge and the blue sphere grew to twice its size.
“Good job, Savina! You’re a natural! I didn’t even have to tell you how to do that!”
“I didn’t even know it could grow.”
“See? You made my point. Now … let’s try and bring the book to us.”
“Okay.” I was going to let the blue sphere fade out, but as soon as I thought about the book it appeared within the blue sphere. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, the blue sphere exploded with bright light that blinded me and sent a shock wave of chaotic wind through my room. The whole room shuddered and I heard things clanking together and falling over.

Excerpt from Destined Oracle, by J.G. Martinez, chapter 3, coming soon from Write More Publications. 

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