Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday Share

Thursday Share

Free e-books, anyone? All free today on Kindle! 

Night of the Purple Moon
By: Scott Cramer

A Girl, A Guy and a Ghost
By: Patricia Mason

Six Summer Moon
By: SM Reine

A SEAL's Seduction
By: Tawny Weber

Devil's Lair
By: David Wisehart

Defying Mars
By: Cidney Swanson

Portraits of Integrity: 
Real People Who Demonstrated Godly Power
By: Marilyn Boyer

By: Dorranna Durqin

By: Jessica Sorensen

Dark Fae
By: Shannon Mayer

Deep Fried and Pickled
By: Paisley Ray

Transcender: First Timer
By: Vicky Savage

Happy Reading! 

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