Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Writer Wednesday: Amber White Author Interview

Writer Wednesday

Interview with 
Amber White
Author of Tonight the World Dies

  •        What is the title of your book? Tonight The World Dies

  • What is your book about? It’s a zombie horror about 4 friends who find themselves driving around the US after the world was overrun by a zombie virus. They find a group of survivors, thinking they might finally be able to settle down for the first time in a year and live some semblance of their old lives, but the dead are walking around, so we know that’s not going to happen.

  • How did I come up with the title? I had been listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold when I was writing it, and the song “Tonight The World Dies” fit the whole theme.

  • What are your plans for the future? To write as many books as I can. There are many a short story and novels roaming around in my head, fighting to get out.

  • What is your preferred Genre to write? Horror. Although I do enjoy writing the occasional murder mystery.

  • How did I become a writer? I suppose it started as a kid. I loved making up stories and I had this whole series of alternaterealities in my mind. Anything could happen in my imagination, I just start writing down.

  • Are you a planner? No. When I write, I can come up with ideas/outlines and I tend to deviate so far from those outlines that I rarely bother with them. Take this book, for example. One of my first ideas for it started with a totally different ending, but changed radically over the course of writing it

  • What is the best writing advice you have ever been given? The best writing advice I had ever been given had actually come from my college art teacher. He had been talking about 'painting/drawing block' and said “Whenever that happens, just work through it. No Excuses.”

  • What advice would you give to another writer? The advice I'd give to a new writer is “Don't give up. Just keep trying, no matter how hard it gets.”

  • What other projects do you have in the works? A prequel to Tonight The World Dies, called Watch The World Burn, which explains how the outbreak happened and just why the gang is as loopy as they are. I'm also working on a series of short stories about the war between Vampires and Werewolves (yeah, I know you're thinking of Underworld now), a supernatural novel about a monster making whole families disappear in a US Military patrolled Iraq village, and a couple murder mysteries. What can I say? I like to keep busy! LOL!

  • What surprises can you expect from me in the future? If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? ;)

  • If you could journey into one of your books, which would it be and why? If I could journey into any of my books, it would have to be Tonight The World Dies because Jo and her friends are just so interesting. They are my kind of people. They've been through hell (literally) and still managed to stay together and not kill each other. That doesn't happen without a good sense of humor, and a strong mind.

Look for Amber White’s Tonight the World Dies, coming soon from Write More Publications. Her short story Hungry in Novel Hearts, the Write More Publications Valentine's Day anthology, is based on characters from her book. Get your copy today! 

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  1. Another great book I can't wait to read.... no wonder you are so busy my friend!!!