Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Runaway Girl
~The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles~
By: Elaine White

“What about you? Youre not coming with me? Cameron asked hesitantly, still struggling to breathe. “Damian, come with me! Save the heroics for another day.” But suddenly, he realized what he was up to. Damian was going to sacrifice himself to Jeremy and his clan members to save him, but he was the next potential leader of the united clans. He was the most important person to them all now. They couldn’t risk him getting hurt before the clan meetings. That is, if they were still going ahead with it after the way Jeremy and his boys had acted. If he was sent by his clan elders or the master, then it meant they had no intention of attending the clan meetings. Obviously, they had other ideas on their agenda.
“Youre wounded and need tended to. I’ll be along soon, Damian lied.
Suddenly, the voices grew closer.
“Fan out!” Jeremy ordered. “Find him before he talks to anyone else! Don’t let him tell his clan!”
Cameron hesitated, not wanting to go, until Damian pushed him forward. “Go!” Damian shouted.
 It only took him a second, then he bolted in the opposite direction of the voices advancing on them, heading for the Croiset clan to warn them of what was coming … but it was already there.

Excerpt p. 276, Runaway Girl (The Secrets of Avelina Chronicles) by Elaine White, now available on,, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Get your copy today! 

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