Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Excerpt from Be Mine By: Jennifer Paquette
Featured in Novel Hearts, 
the Valentine's Day anthology
coming soon from Write More Publications.

Back to the task at hand, she pondered how to woo the magnificent mortal. She did not want to appear directly in her godly form, as it was usually too overwhelming for mortals to bear. She walked to the far side of her temple and gazed out the east window, which showcased a craggy decline down the mountain where Aphrodite had planted her famous rose garden. The air exploded with the heady scent of thousands of roses, creating a rainbow of colors from creamy white to soft peach to brilliant red. A gust of wind blew across the garden and several supple petals were plucked from their blossoms and danced in the air before floating downward. She had an idea.
Aphrodite carefully stepped through her rose garden, skirting around the thorny branches that reached out to her. She peered deeply into each rose bush, analyzing the color and texture of the flower. The rose she chose, must be perfect, she thought as she continued down the mountain. She then came upon a small bush, the newest of them all, as it only had a handful of blooms. The sunlight warmed the petals of the rose and brought out their brilliance in a manner that made Aphrodite stop in wonder. The color was magnificent. The rose was a deep crimson at the base and a warmer hue near the top, the color of a sunset. She very gently caressed the petals and found them to be so soft she was afraid they would shred beneath her touch. She bent to smell them and was rewarded with the sweetest of scents, light and perfumed. I will send him a gift of rose petals from the Garden of Aphrodite.
She knelt beside the bush and spoke softly. “Forgive me, my lovelies. I promise you will grow back more brilliant than before, but for now, I need your help.” Then, she gently blew into the rose bush, multiplying the petals and sending hundreds of them soaring into the sky. She watched as they formed a loose whirlpool shape, then cascaded down Mt. Olympus, as if riding a mighty wave.
Moments later the sunset colored rose petals wafted around the mortal on the balcony. He slowly looked up in amazement, as if the petals from the sky were falling stars. He gently picked a petal off his sleeve, studied it, then placed it on the ledge of the balcony and walked inside the house.
Aphrodite stared at the empty balcony littered with the petals from her precious rose bush. How dare he? Her eyes turned a stormy blue as she tried to keep her temper in check, staring at the sad little bush, now just a jumble of branches and tiny thorns. She was just about to march back to her temple to mix a sleeping potion for her most unfavorite mortal, when he came back out onto the balcony, but she gasped when she saw what he was holding: an elegant, sleek vase, made of heavy crystal. He carefully picked up the petals and placed them into the vase. As the vase was filled with the petals, he smiled. After every single petal was in the vase, he held it up to the sun to catch the light.  Caressing the vase against his chest, he walked inside.
The characters in this story are based on the characters in the novel The Awakening of Agnostos  by Jennifer Paquette, coming soon from Write More Publications. All stories in Novel Hearts are based on characters from the novels of the authors. 

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