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Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Author Interview With Parker Stevens

·         What is the title of your book and who is the publisher?  Shades of Darkness published by Synergebooks

·         Please tell us a little bit about your book. My book is a thrilling paranormal romance about Irish Vampires set on the Titanic. Anna and Donovan fell in love as children and were separated by circumstances out of their control. This book is their journey to find each other again.

·         How did you come up with your book idea? I have always loved vampires and I am completely fascinated with the Titanic. I wrote a short story about these characters, but they were screaming for their own full length tale.

·         What are your publishing credits? This is my first book being published, but I have entered and won several short story contests on Novel Novice .com, and

·         What are your plans for the future? I already have plans and partial plots for the next two books in my Circle of Darkness series.

·         What is your day job?  I am currently a sixth grade teacher.

·         What is your preferred genre to write? Paranormal all the way. I love vampires and have read and written many stories about them.

·         How did you become a writer? Well, I became a writer mainly thanks to a TV show I was in love with called Moonlight about a vampire private detective. It was a short lived show on CBS in 2008. I fell in love with the characters and began to write fan fiction about them and it has grown from there.

·         Are you a planner, complete with detailed outlines, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing? I prefer to fly by the seat of my pants. I know a teacher should be organized but for me as a writer I believe in organized chaos. I believe that when a good idea strikes you that you have to run with it.

·         What is the best writing advice that you have ever been given? To try everything before you say you don’t like it. My mother was a genius.

·         What advice would you give a new writer?  To not be afraid to make mistakes, to go with a story or a character when they come to you. To follow your muse.

·         What other projects do you have in the works at the moment? My second book is called Dawn of Darkness and it will involve a character called Sayid from book one.

·         What surprises can we expect from you in the future? I hope you can expect lots of surprises from my work in the future. I absolutely love the world of the Irish vampires that I have created and I hope you all love it as well.

·         If you could journey into any of your books, interacting with the characters, which would it be and why? Well since this is my first book, it would be this one. I love the emotion that runs between the two main characters Donovan and Anna. The love between them is almost palpable.

·         What public appearances do you have planned in the future? I don’t have any scheduled yet but if I was asked to, I would love it.

·         Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans? I believe that anyone can write if they take a chance. I wrote the initial draft of my book in thirty days during the National Novel Writing Month challenge, so for me I believe that anything is possible.

On behalf of Write More Publications, thank you! 
Shades of Darkness by Parker Stevens is now available at Synergebooks and will soon be available on 
Kindle. Get your copy today!

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