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Writer Wednesday: Author Interview With Jennifer Paquette

Writer Wednesday

Author Interview With Jennifer Paquette

·         What is the title of your book? The Awakening of Agnostos—it is the first in a series of mythology stories I’ve written with my 14-year-old son, Nicholas.

·         Please tell us a little bit about your book. Zeus is at it again and his latest trollop Hecate, the Goddess of Magic, pays the price. Hera banishes her to Agnostos—The Triangle of the Unknown—the only place on earth where the Gods of Olympus have no power. Once imprisoned, Hecate stumbles upon a gateway to the center of the earth, and uses her discovery to bargain her way out of Agnostos. But the night after the Council meeting to decide Hecate’s fate, Athena is visited by a Titan who reveals the real story of the mysterious portal hidden beneath the waters of Agnostos. A god more powerful than the Olympians waits for them in the core as he holds the earth together with his hands and feet.  To maintain their status as supreme rulers of Olympus, five gods must enter the abyss and fight this unknown god. Their biggest obstacles, however, are not to come in battle, but from each other.

·         How did you come up with your book idea? I have always loved mythology, and wanted to tell a story that hadn’t been told before. My son had read every mythology series, so I turned to him whenever I had an idea.  Most of the time he told me, “That’s been done already!”  So we had to think harder. Then we came up with the idea that the stories will center around an unexplained natural phenomenon. The Awakening of Agnostos is our version of how the Bermuda Triangle was created. 

·         What are your publishing credits? My short story The Kiss of Eris is featured in the Thorn of Death anthology, and The Kiss of the Mer-Zombie will be featured in the upcoming anthology, A Quick Bite of Flesh.  I am excited about these publications in a genre I never expected to write about!

·         What are your plans for the future? I am so excited to move forward with the next story in my mythology series.  I had many inspiring days at the beach and am ready to put pen to paper and see what kind of trouble the Olympians can get into next!

·         What is your day job? I run my husband’s plastic surgery office, which keeps me busy.  But more importantly, I am mom to two fabulous teenagers, John and Nicholas.

·         What is your preferred genre to write? I am Greek so the faces of tragedy and comedy always seem to filter through to my writing. I basically love any kind of storytelling, from fantasy to commercial fiction to non-fiction.

·         How did you become a writer? I have been writing as long as I can remember. My most active and creative ideas started about 17 years ago, which coincided with the birth of my oldest son. Of course, that was when I had the least amount of time to devote to writing, but I was able to jot down my thoughts on napkins, Post-It notes, etc. About six or seven years ago I had a story idea based on real people that evolved into a novel. Within the past two years, I began to write more and shifted my focus from querying for my novel to entering writing contests in an effort to build my resume.

·         Are you a planner, complete with detailed outlines, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing? I start with jotting down notes as ideas come to me (which are usually at the most inopportune times, like in the shower or as I am falling asleep). Then I set up an outline to make sure the storyline makes sense. My biggest problem is finding a good block of time in the day to get some writing done. My most favorite and productive time to write is on an airplane!

·         What is the best writing advice that you have ever been given? “Throw up, then clean up” from a fellow student at a writing class. Don’t worry about the structure of what you are writing, just get it all down on paper first! And of course, “Show Not Tell” – which is harder than it sounds!

·         What advice would you give a new writer? Build your resume by entering contests, submitting articles and writing for blogs. Writing is a creative outlet so keep at it!

·         What other projects do you have in the works at the moment? I am beginning the next story in the mythology series, titled A Sea Of Strangers.  I am putting the finishing touches on two separate short story contest submissions. Current projects in the works include a novel about plastic surgery and a memoir written with my mother (also a writer).

·         What surprises can we expect from you in the future? I tend to surprise myself sometimes, so you’ll know when I know! But I am always thinking bigger…

·         If you could journey into any of your books, interacting with the characters, which would it be and why? I would be Artemis, the Goddess of the Hunt and the Moon. Perhaps it is just my desire some days to shoot a bow and arrow!

·         What public appearances do you have planned in the future? Nothing at this time, but I plan to schedule after The Awakening of Agnostos launches. 

·         Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans? I hope my passion becomes your passion!

On behalf of Write More Publications, thank you! 
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