Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mentions

Monday Mentons
Mention us on Facebook or Twitter or retweet one of our tweets  and get a mention! 

Twitter: @WriteMoreP


Mentions on Twitter: 
Dan Glover @DanGlover1
Theresa Oliver @TheresaOliverA
ILFunk @Funkone2
B.M. Hardin @BMHardin1
Binaa Mtz @Binas_Dashboard
Joanne Kershaw @Kershaw_Joanne
Callie Cool @Coolct96

Mentions on Facebook: 
Stephanie Greenhalgh
Samantha Clelland
Monica Blanton
Kathryn Sturgis
Meloney Froniabarger
Melissa Somoza
Elaine White
Callie Cool 
Mark Miller
Liz McKeown
Rebecca Boucher
Molly Bryant
Bina Martinez (J.G. Martinez) 
Dawn Jayne
Tina Carreiro
Tanya Hart
Jamie Wilsoncroft (J.S. Wilsoncroft) 

Thanks, everyone! 

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