Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday Review

Tuesday Review

Angels Among Us reviewed.

Angels Among Us - A buffet of heartwarming stories of Angels in action. Which one is the most appetizing? You decide.

Monica Blanton follows Araya - an Angel of Love on her various assignments of enriching the lives and hearts of people on earth. She's very good at her job, by the way.

Susan Burdorf offers us Alvena, an Angel fond of lollipops and an Angel prep school! 

Ashlea Burns' story features a new mother with an Angel in her life. What's not to like?

Callie Cool's Guardian Angel eases the pain of losing her beloved Grandma Sherry.

Sara Drake takes us to England for an encounter with Vincent aka Ecanus, the Angel of Writing. 

Stephanie Greenhalgh gives us an entertaining tutorial in Angel 101
Beth Hoyer tells of a grandfather whose Guardian Angel came to his aid to avert nightmares and even more dangerous situations. 

Theresa Oliver's Angel grants a very unselfish Christmas wish.

Jennifer Paquette describes an Angel trainee.

In Susan Burdorf's Dancing for Heaven, a lost love in the form of an Angel grants a dying woman's wish.

Dana Piazzi takes us around the world with life changing Angel stories.

Nikki Shah's Angel, Maya, begins her career as a Guardian Angel.

Kim Stevens' Angel, Baier, is frustrated with what little souls learn from his coaching.

Melissa Somoza talks about Lucifer's rebellion in heaven and the Fallen's plan to wage war on the heavenly kingdom.

Sky Diamond writes about the angelic man a teenaged girl "belongs to" taking her to the hospital and befriending her, helping to bring peace to her troubled life.

This collection of stories makes me want to come back for second helpings.

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Review published on Fiction Writer's Boost blog. Thanks, Liz MdKeown!

 Angels Among Us is now free on e-book for Amazon Prime members and the paperback is on sale for $10.16! Get your copy today! 

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