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Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday

Deliver Us From Evil
Part 2
By: Theresa Oliver

Crystal smiled, her emerald eyes dancing, then got out of the car, closing the door behind. As I slid out of the car, I felt every ache, bruise, and slash that Roy and inflicted upon my frail body.  I needed to rest, to let all this sink in.
“Why are we here?” I asked, looking around, for we were standing in a clearing and the car was parked on the edge of it. In the center was a fire pit, that looked like had been recently used.
“You’ll see,” Crystal replied as a half smile lit her lips.
I slid to a soft patch of green grass and leaned against a tree.
“Just rest while I prepare,” Crystal replied, clearly enjoying herself.
“Prepare for what?” I asked, watching Crystal throw logs into the fire pit.
“Oh, you’ll see,” she replied with a smirk, then began chanting, “Premedora, um stat, al logue rogue, bauche rae bom fa lor. Premedors, um stat, al logue, bauche rae bom fa lor,” repeating it over and again.
“Crystal, you’re scaring me …”
“Shush, you’re interrupting the ceremony.”
“What ceremony?” I asked, trying to get to my feet.
“You want strength, right? Enough to overpower your enemies?” Crystal asked looking directly at me as her eyes flared.
“Yes, but …”
“Then, shush,” Crystal replied, the half smile returning. “You’re going to get it.”
Premedors, um stat, al logue …” Crystal resumed chanting, throwing more logs into the circle until there was a mound of them, then she removed a lighter from her pocket and threw it onto the pyre.
Instantly, fire sprang to life, licking eagerly at the logs, devouring them, until a blazing bonfire rose to the heavens within minutes. But it wasn’t the heavens we were invoking.
“Come,” Crystal took my hand, helping me to my feet and led me to stand near the fire. “Kneel before the fire, and ask him for your heart’s desire, the power to overcome your enemies.”
“Okay, Crystal, this has gone far enough …”
“No, it hasn’t,” she repeated, taking my hand. Instantly, I felt power radiate from her, and an electric current passed between us, from her into me. “Just ask. I don’t want to lose you. Not like this.”
I nodded, finding sudden strength within her touch. “To the sisterhood, right?” I said, looking into her eyes with a weak smile.
Crystal nodded, smiling. “The sisterhood.”
“Premedora, um stat, al logue rogue, bauche rae bom fa lor …” Crystal resumed chanting, as I fell to my knees.
“Please give me power over my enemies,” I asked into the fire, knowing what I was doing, knowing I would pay for this with my soul. “Please give me power over my enemies,” I repeated over and again.
Crystal chanted and I prayed Satan’s prayer for what seemed like hours, until shoots of pink, red, and purple gently brushed the sky, and the darkness of night overtook the day.
Soon, Crystal fell into a deep sleep, but I continued praying to Satan knowing what I was doing, knowing there would quite literally be hell to pay, but I would pay it later. Crystal was right about one thing, Roy had to be stopped and I was going to do it. Someway, somehow.
Suddenly, the fire flared, reaching toward me, growing suddenly hotter. I was tempted to stop, but knew I had already come too far to stop now. Then the fire instantly grew to double its height, taller than a man, as shoots of red, yellow, and orange rolled outward, surrounding us, but my prayers never ceased.
For a moment, I wondered if I should wake Crystal and get out of there, for fear the fire was growing out of control, when something stopped me. Fear maybe?  Curiosity? An unseen force? And I felt myself suddenly fading from consciousness, when a dark figure stepped from the fire. For a moment, I thought I was dreaming, until he stepped closer to me.
He was huge, probably seven feet tall, with coal black hair and onyx eyes and his chest hinted at well-defined muscles under his black shirt, open, exposing most of his powerful, broad chest. He wore black jeans and black boots, quite modern.
“How did you step from …”
“Shush …” the mysterious man answered, then took me by the hand. As he helped me to my feet, the pain that had permeated my body suddenly left, and replacing it was beauty and sudden strength.
“Who are you?” I asked, my eyes filled with wonder.
“Oh, I think you know,” the mysteriously handsome man answered as one side of his lips curled into a smile. “But the question here is what you want.”
My eyebrows pulled together, bewildered, as wonder filled my eyes.
“Power over your enemies?” He reminded me with a smirk. “That is what you asked for, right?”
I nodded, momentarily speechless.
Then his black onyx eyes flared as he looked directly into my eyes. “Enough power to defeat Roy?”
“How did you know?” I asked, bewildered, but suddenly finding my voice. He circled me and lifted a strand of my long blonde hair to his nostrils, inhaling deeply, reminding me of Roy. “Okay, I’ve had enough …”
Then he placed a hand on either side of my face and looked directly into my eyes with the most beautiful green eyes I’d ever seen. But they were cold, dead, despite their beauty. “Or have you?” then before I could object, his lips crushed down onto mine, enveloping me with the lust and passion I’d never felt before. And under his amazing power, I surrendered, as we shared our power. My power left me and he filled me with his, and for a moment, our souls touched, becoming one in that one passionate kiss. Then he pulled back to look directly into my eyes and gently stroked my hair. “Are you ready?”
“For what?” I asked, smiling, knowing I’d never felt so much passion before in my life.
“For the power to defeat your enemies, of course?” he asked, smirking, cocky, already knowing the answer. “Do you want my help?”
Then I wrapped my arms around his waist and looked directly into his eyes. “Who are you?”
He ran his fingers through my long blonde hair and looked directly into my eyes. “Oh, I think you already know.”
“Satan,” I replied, my eyes never wavering from his.
“In the flesh, so to speak,” he answered gently stroking my hair. “But that’s just one of my names. I also go my Lucifer, but Satan works, too.”
“No,” I said, backing away as he laughed. I ran to Crystal, trying to wake her, but she wouldn’t budge. “What did you do to her?”
“Yeah, about that,” Satan casually said, taking a step toward me. “I couldn’t have her interrupting us if she woke.”
“Is she dead?” I asked, fear filling my eyes.
This tall stranger laughed, sinister, “No, my dear Catherine, or do you prefer Cathy? Anyway, remind me to thank her later.”
I nodded, unable to believe what I was hearing. Maybe Crystal had pulled a prank on me, or maybe this was only a dream.
“You really think this is a dream?” this tall, gorgeous stranger asked, quite literally reading my mind. But I knew his beauty was a ruse. After all, Satan could appear in any form he chose. “And do you think that Crystal could pull off a hoax this elaborate?”
“How do you know what I’m thinking?” I asked, backing away from him, toward the car.
“How do you think?” he asked quickly catching my arm and led me back to the fire. Suddenly, all fear left me, but was replaced by a cold sinister feeling. Then he stroked my hair again brushing a strand away from my face. “I’m Satan. Now, do you want my help or not?”
And I knew at that moment I had a choice. Free will. Even Satan could not take away my free will. That moment was the turning point. I knew I could just walk away and it would be over, but the thought of going back to Roy was literally scarier than facing Satan. “Yes,” I nodded. “I don’t want to live this way anymore. I want to be free of Roy.”
Then he threw back his head and laughed a sinister chortle, then looked deeply into my eyes again. “You know, I could take care of him for you. In fact, he chose the path to me long ago. It’s just a matter of time before I bring him home to be with me. But it would be much more fun to let you do it. To let you take care of him.” Then before I could stop him his lips crushed down onto mine, filling my heart with terror and passion, the most dangerous combination I’d ever felt. “And if you play your cards right, maybe I’ll take you as my bride.”
“As your bride?” I asked, unable to believe my ears.
Then he smirked. “At least, for a while.”
“I want your help, not your body,” I replied, but could not help but notice how muscular and powerful his body felt beneath my touch.
Satan laughed. “You might change your mind, my dear. I could convince you, but later. First, let us deal with the task at hand.”
I smiled, enjoying this dangerous exchange in spite of myself.
“What say you, Catherine?” he asked, looking into my eyes. “Do you want power? Enough to defeat your enemies?”
And I knew I was playing with fire, but I was already in too deep. “Yes, I nodded. I want to take him down.”
“Then kneel before me and swear your allegiance to me,” Satan instructed, taking my hand and raising it to his lips. And despite his gentleness now, I was well aware that he could be just as ruthless, but I couldn’t stop myself.
I fell to my knees, swearing my allegiance to him, to Satan, before I had time to think about the consequences, before the thought of Heaven and Hell could wrestle with each other within my mind. Suddenly, Satan placed the palm of his hands onto the crown of my head.
My body quivered and shook, changing, but a power like I had never felt before filled my soul and my body with strength, but also with something else that I couldn’t explain. My body and soul quivered, shaking, but I stood firmly on my knees, until Satan removed his hands, then reached out a hand and helped me to my feet.
“Feel better, my dear?” he asked me with a smirk, looking into my eyes. I nodded, but then he added, “You know it comes with a price. I rarely give away gifts such as these for free.”
“I kind of figured that,” I replied, getting to my feet, feeling stronger than ever before. “So, what’s your price?”
Satan laughed, then pulled me into his arms. “Don’t worry. I’ll collect at a later time.” Then his lips crushed down onto mine once more, but this time, I didn’t resist, as my lips moved with his in familiar ways. And as I surrendered to him, it was unlike anything I’d ever known before. Then he pulled back and gave me one last sweet kiss and replied, “Well, I must go. Be careful with your power and who you unleash it upon.”
I laughed, knowing that now I had enough strength to finally leave Roy. And at that moment, I swore I’d never let any man to do me what Roy had been doing to me for years. And a moment later, Satan walked into the flames, letting them engulf him, as he smiled.
As I watched him go, I felt a strength well up within me, a strength I’d never felt before. I looked down at my hands and they were beautiful, sleek; the skin, smooth. I felt my hair and it was thicker, more lustrous than ever before. I felt beautiful, powerful, a force to be reckoned with. The hurt that Roy had inflicted upon me was gone, but I knew there would be a price to this power and beauty. And I knew one day Satan would come to collect.
“Crystal,” I bent down and shook my best friend’s shoulder. “Crystal, let’s go.” I looked around and the flames of the bonfire were already dying, but I snuffed the rest out anyway, so as not to set the forest on fire. “Crystal, it’s over. Let’s go.”
For a moment, my heart sank as I feared the price I’d just paid was Crystal’s life, but a moment later, she stirred, then slowly opened her eyes.
“Crystal? Are you okay?” I asked, fishing around in her pockets for the car keys.
“Cathy? Is that you?” Crystal asked, looking deeply into my eyes. And from the look in her eyes, I knew I must have looked just as different as I felt.
“Yeah, it’s me,” I replied, helping her to her feet. “Let’s go.”
Crystal weaved a bit on her feet, groggy, as if she had been drugged. “Was he here? Did it work?”
“Oh, yeah,” I answered, then added, holding her up under one arm, something I’d never been able to do before. “I’ll tell you about it on the way.”
She nodded, then let me help her to the car. “I feel like I’ve been drugged,” Crystal replied, as I helped her into the passenger seat.
“No, I think it was something much worse,” I replied, starting her car. “I’ll drive you home.”
“Boy, the roles have been reversed a bit here,” Crystal replied, looking into my eyes. “You really have changed. You’re more beautiful than before, stronger, but there’s something else, too.” Then her eyebrows pulled together, concerned as she looked into my eyes. “What did he do to you?”
“Oh, I think you already know,” I replied, as my eyes flared, using the same words Satan had used on me.
“What have I done?” Crystal asked, her eyes wide as sudden fear permeated her voice.
“Nothing,” I replied, surprised at her sudden change of heart. “By the way, he said he wanted to thank you for bringing me to him.”
“Oh, my God, Cathy!” Crystal yelled, shocked.
“No, not God, Crystal,” I said, then looked into her eyes. “But you already know who.” And as I pulled onto the street headed toward her house, I reminded her, “I’m still the same Cathy. That will never change.”
“Oh, I think a lot more has changed than you realize …”
“I feel good, Crystal,” I replied, pulling into the driveway beside her two-story house. “What? Have you changed you mind?”
“I … I …”
I laughed. “It’s too late for that, but don’t worry,” I replied, looking into her eyes as I turned off the key. “I’ll never turn on you. The sisterhood, remember?”
Crystal smiled a weak smile, then repeated, “The sisterhood.”  Then her eyebrows pulled together, concerned, as she added, “Just be careful, Cathy.”
I laughed, throwing back my head. “I’m fine, Crystal! In fact I’ve never felt better! Thank you!” Then I handed her the keys, got out of the car, shut the door, and leaned into the window.
“What have I done to you, Cathy?” Crystal asked, bewildered.
“What needed to be done,” I replied, then added. “It was my choice, Crystal. Free will, right?”
And before she could answer, I turned on my heels and ran into the woods. And as I ran, I was stronger than before, faster. Then I poured on the speed, testing it out and darted quickly between the trees until they became a blur, and the wind blew my hair behind me as I flew through the forest.
Then I remembered Roy.
I knew if I didn’t tell him to leave me alone forever, he would go after Crystal and someone would die. I didn’t want it to be her.
As I ran, I noticed the dim light of the moon, promising to make its appearance upon the night. And suddenly I felt different, but not in a way I could explain as sweat beaded upon my forehead and my arms. Through the woods, I neared the trailer park where I knew Roy would be waiting. I slowed , then stepped from the safety of the woods, and walked purposefully toward the trailer, but suddenly, something grabbed my arm and swung me around.
“Where have you been?” Roy demanded, his eyes flaring as his teeth ground together, seething, looking into my eyes. His eyes suddenly flared. “What the hell?”
“Yes, hell is right,” I calmly replied, as one side of my lips curled into a smile. I took him in, looking him up and down, wondering how I would ever be afraid of him and how I could have wasted my life on him.  
Roy quickly recovered himself, grabbed my hand, and drug me into the woods. But this time, I didn’t scream for help, I didn’t resist. After all, I needed a bit of privacy.
In the safety of the woods, I let him wheel me around to look into my eyes. “I said, where have you been?” then he slapped me hard across the face, but this time, I didn’t budge. I enjoyed watching the horror within his eyes. Yes, I knew I would enjoy this very much.
“I’ve been with Crystal,” I replied, smiling a half smile, contemplating how much pain I would inflict upon him. Then I looked up, and the moon was almost full.
“The witch?” Roy asked, looking into my eyes with fury. “Didn’t I tell you never to see her again?”
I casually flung my long blonde hair over my shoulder. “She’s my best friend, Roy.” Then I took a step closer for emphasis, looking directly into his eyes. “And you don’t get to tell me what to do anymore.”
“Since when did you grow a set of balls?” Roy asked me, incredulous, looking me up and down.
“Since I met the devil in the flesh,” I answered with a smile, then stroked the side of his hair. “And guess what?” I asked as I leaned closer to whisper into his ear. “He’s a better kisser than you.”
That’s when Roy wheeled around and punched me in the stomach, but it didn’t move me. I enjoyed the look within his eyes as he shook his hand from the blow. Then the bright light of the moon illuminated the woods, allowing me to see Roy with extreme clarity. Yes, I was going to enjoy this very much.
Suddenly, I wretched in pain as my body shook and contorted, bending over from the pain, bringing me to my knees. What the hell? I asked, but then realized that was exactly what it was. From hell.
“What’s this?” Roy asked, clearly enjoying my pain as he stood over me with a smirk. “Delayed reaction?” then he walked closer to me, knowing he had me, when suddenly my muscles contorted again in pain, and terror filled my heart. “And don’t ever think of asking me for a divorce, Cathy, because I’ll never give you one.”
In the bright moonlight, I looked up, and the moon was full.
My body contorted and wretched, then I suddenly noticed my hands, now covered in black fur. “What the hell?” I asked, almost to myself.
“What the hell is right,” Roy replied, taking another step closer.
Roy didn’t notice that I was suddenly on my hands and knees, wrenching, feeling my body contort. Black fur grew over my body, and fangs grew from between my teeth stretching to my chin. But I could no longer cry out in a human voice as a guttural growl erupted from my chest through my lips, and my legs contorted into an animalistic shape, like that of a wolf, but I still had human hands now covered in black fur. As I crouched in the dark shadows contorting, Roy didn’t seem to notice.
“I came home tonight and saw that a lot of your clothes were gone,” Roy yelled, unable to see the metamorphosis now consuming my body. “I’ll never let you go, bitch! So don’t ever try to leave me again!” then he kicked me in the side, as I quickly moved out of the way, faster than the eye could see.
I stood from my crouching position onto two legs. Black fur covered my body, including my human hands and a guttural growl erupted from my chest as I took a step toward him.
Roy suddenly fell backward, his eyes wide, unable to believe what he was seeing. “What the hell?” he asked as I took another purposeful step toward him.
And as I looked into his eyes, I wondered what was happening to me? What I was becoming? But then I remembered, having heard the stories from my ancestors.
The Ute, local American Indians, called them the wahyapatwin, or wolf man. The Children of the Moon. The stories said the wahyapatwin attacked the local townspeople, tearing apart their bodies, leaving no survivors. Now I was one of them. And I knew that if I didn’t kill him now, he would become like me with just one bite.
No! What have I done? I cried out within my mind, but what Roy heard was a long eerie howl. Then I turned my blood- red eyes to look at him, as saliva dripped from the primitive fangs protruding past my chin. I took a purposeful step toward him, seething for the kill.
“No! I don’t believe it! What happened to you?” Roy asked with wide eyes as he backed away, then fell to the ground on his back, crawling backward, scooting long the ground, but he never took his eyes from mine.
A guttural, animalistic growl erupted from within my chest as I stepped closer.
“No! No, don’t!” Roy screamed as I stepped closer still, so close that saliva dripped from my primitive fangs onto his white shirt as I stood over his body.
Yes, I was going to enjoy this, I thought, as I grabbed his shoulder with tremendous strength and drug him into the woods so no one could hear his screams. Within the safety of the woods, I ripped his limbs from his body and tore his heart from his chest, taking my time, enjoying his screams, under the light of the full moon.

That was five years ago and to this day, no one ever found his body. After a while, they declared him a missing person, but I assure you, his is one body that will never be found. I got my man, but at what price? For with every full moon, I have to lock myself behind closed doors for fear of terrorizing and murdering the town and everyone in it. But I’ve kept my word to myself: no man would ever again do to me what Roy had done. I’ve also remained young and more beautiful than ever before despite my impending age. Crystal and I still have the bond of the sisterhood, but I know that Satan is coming for us both. Satan cursed me, but in his eyes, he did me a favor, and I knew that one day he would collect. And I wondered who will deliver us from evil on that day, when it comes?

This is Part 2 of he two-part short story Deiliver Us From Evil by Theresa Oliver. Oliver has two books coming soon, a young adult book titled Thou Shalt Not Kill and a middle grades children's picture book titled Five Loaves, Two Fish, One Boy and Jesus. Oliver currently has two books out titled Star, Starland Vamp Series, Book 1 and Cambria, Cambria Series, Book 1. Both are available on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Barnes and Noble online, and Smashwords. 

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