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Tuesday Review

Tuesday Review

The Unfaithful Widow
By: J.S. Wilsoncroft

 Great romance that hits all the marks!

I am not a romance reader, never have been. In fact, usually when I see a book tagged with 'romance' or 'love' I make a little gagging sound and click away like my fingers are on fire. It takes something special to make me buy a pure romance book, and in this case the something special is the author, J.S. Wilsoncroft. I've read some of her other work and she has a way with characters like few others, and The Unfaithful Widow did not disappoint!

Tess is a woman that is working through the death of her husband and is thrust into a situation in which she is forced to confront the fact that the man she married had been leading a double life. It's a jolt, it's painful and she feels betrayed and angry. The double-life wasn't what I expected, which made the situation even more powerful. The emotions were real, and I could relate to Tess.

She ends up in New York with her best friend, Dawn, who is the kind of BFF we all want to have. She's understanding but not about to let Tess curl up and whine. They go out for a night on the town and enter Greg Thomas. And oh my, does Greg make an entrance:

"You don't know Greg? There he is!" Both girls began squealing as they looked straight across the giant room. In a blink of an eye, they were both up and running toward him. There was already a mob of girls swarming around the center of the room. It reminded me of a bunch of football players piling onto each other to get to the ball.

We all know those kind of guys, right? The super popular ones that always have a posse of females, that seem to be living the dream and Tess does exactly what most of us would do. She's mildly interested, a little mistrustful, and sure as heck isn't going to throw herself at him like the other insane women. Tess is not one to swoon over a man, and at this point in her life she's not even looking for a man at all. she's vulnreable and dealing with her own stuff, but still has a strong center. I love that about her. So Greg has to bring his A-game to get Tess's attention.

What ensues is a romance that is a fairy-tale in some ways and all-too-real in others. There are complications, raw emotions, problems to work through. It was a nice blend of fantasy and reality and as always, the characters are believable, layered, well-rounded. Oh! I adored Greg's father, Bart! He's one of my favories and he turns out to be quite something special, too :) The ending is nothing short of specacular!

If you enjoy a character driven romance with some great twists and a lot of fun and a big dose of sexy, this book is for you! Recommended, five stars!
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