Friday, September 7, 2012

Friend Friday

Friend Friday

Here's to our new friends on Twitter! 

Roger Stelljes@rogerstelljes
Guinotte Wise@NoirBut
Joanne Wadsworth@Joanne Wadsworth
Author Larry Johnson@escapezearth
Amber Manuel@AmberA.Manuel

Here's to our new friends on Facebook!

Cindy Miler
Dawne Prochilo
Kylie Walls
Belle Pikusa
Jillian Davis
Cary Barner-Nelson
Chand Hanu Rajendran
Marianne Coons
Revonah Hill-Holloway
Jennifer Gray
Annie Wong
Alem Alemu
John Christian Esguena
Daniella Garcia
Melanie Saxton
Ashok Kumar

Thanks, everyone, and welcome! 

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