Friday, September 21, 2012

Friend Friday

Friend Friday

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Metroplex Kids @metroplexkids
Steven Blake @StevenBlake10
John F.D. Taff @johnfdtaff
Books of the Dead Market @BooksoftheDeadM
Self Pub Book Covers @selfPubBkCovers
Ashley Barron @dcPriya
Melissa Mahai @Melissa Mahai
C.C. Jackson @ccjacksonbooks

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Trisha Anne Pangilinan Garcia
Mia Amor
Marilyn Davies
Alice Walker
Nicole Kate Veniegas
Cherly Cooke
Katie Bowie
Keith Alcorn 
Karen Robiscoe
Rachel Simone Beard
Angela Scavone
Writer-Shelly Goodmn-Wright
Kate Manniring
Inramdia Publcdad
Zephy Doyoureallywanttoknow
Rushabh Shukla

Welcome, everyone! 

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