Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Writer Wednesday

Writer Wednesday


By: Ashlea Burns

What inspires me to write is such a tough question. There are several things that inspire me. Things such as life, love, death — it all plays a role in things I write. My children are a big part of my inspiration as well as my mother. My biggest inspiration was my beloved grandmother who passed away a year ago. I have had a love for writing since I was young. I used to write little plays and stories and my grandmother or mother would help me act them out. They taught me to never give up, and never to let fear keep me from pursuing my dreams. I began to write screenplays and books when I was eleven, but it wasn’t until I was 23 that I tried to do something with them. I attempted entering writing contests and such when I was a teenager, but never really thought I could do much with my writing. I married a month before I turned nineteen and had my first child at age twenty-one, so I kind of put my dream aside to become a wife and mother. After completing my first book and actually showing it to my mother and grandmother, I began to consider writing as a career. They told me I had potential so I ventured out and posted some stuff online to see what others thought. I got a lot of feedback on it so I began the process of getting published. Had it not been for the inspiration of my mother and grandmother, I don’t think I would have pushed as hard as I did to get my writing out there. Granted, I am not a big writer or anything but to know that I did get something published and that I can type 
my name into a search bar and my books pop up is such an incredible feeling.

Ashlea Burns is the author of  Life’s Reflections and Expect the Unexpected, now available through Smashwords. Please follow the link to learn morw about Ashela Burns.

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