Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekly Posts: Da Rules

Monday Mentions: If you repost one of our posts on Facebook or retweet one of our tweets then you'll make the list! Tweet us @WriteMoreP 
Review Tuesday: We'll post an outstanding review! If you'd like to review one of our books, just shoot us a note with "Review" on the subject line to writemorepublications@gmail.com! 
Writer Wednesday: Guest posts by writers! If you'd like to be our guest blogger, then send your blog post to writemorepublications@gmail.com with "Guest Post" in the subject line! Or contact us about blog swaps! 
Thursday Share: We will advertise your book if you advertise one of ours! Send the info to writemorepublications@gmail.com and we'll send you one of ours with "Book Share" on the subject line! We will also post free books and good deals on this day!
Friend Friday:  Send us your news and we'll spread the word! We'll also let you know what's new at Write More Publications! 
*Any suggestions? We'd love to hear them at writemorepublications@gmail.com! 

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