Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Mentions
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                  Brian @CharlieNitric: @WriteMoreP: @CharlieNitric Author of LOL (Free today)
       … ~ A Mother Whispers Goodnight ~ 

                  @doggerbank: @WriteMoreP @doggerbank Same here! Takes some
                   writer to get attention in this world'

@RoadtripsRUs Right back-at-ya! Have a fun day!@LindaJNance @WriteMoreP

@Becky_Shep@WriteMoreP Nice to meet you, and your nice

@CharlieNitricThank you Ladies for the RTs!@JenniferEnsley 
@TJLubrano@RangeWoman_Inc @HalooftheDamned 
@WriteMoreP@ChantelRhondeau @kat_white Cheers :)
Carla Boonzaaier@BCarla13: @WriteMoreP Thx,,*!! I am new here so its nice to have someone follow me,,*!

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