Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guest post from Molly Bryant

I Am A Writer

My thoughts racing at every book I read, every movie I would watch, every song on the radio I heard as a storyline. Am I weird? Odd? Not normal?

That's me, Molly Bryant, for the last 25 years of my life, living each and every day with my thoughts a whirlwind of fantasies, and daydreams. I lived several years wondering if there not only was something wrong with me, but also if something in my life was missing. I felt incomplete.

Matchmaking, nope. Opening a bakery, hu-uh. Writing a cookbook perhaps. I was close, at first, but then lost my faith. Yes, I tried all of these things. I still felt lost and on the brink of being sad. Then as I sat outside on the front steps of my house, my mind going a million miles an hour thinking of hobbies, crafts … then it hit me. A book! I will write an actual book! Everyone thought I was truly crazy. I sat at my computer typing away. The more my fingertips graced the keyboard, the more everything made sense to me. I noticed my mind was on a longer vacation than normal, and my anxiety dissipated tremendously. That's when I realized something: I'm not crazy, I'm not odd or weird. I'm not only normal, but I, Molly Bryant, have a gift; a gift that is special, a gift most long for; the ability to write, the ability to entertain others with these once weird and odd thoughts. Four months later, Immortal Souls was born.

Now, as my thoughts race, I smile, I embrace its art … I write. For I am a writer.

Molly Bryant’s book “Immortal Souls” was recently release with Tate Publishing. Her book “Impassioned” is set for release with Write More Publications in 2013.

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