Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Short Story by J.S. Wilsoncroft


By: J.S. Wilsoncroft

©2012 J.S. Wilsoncroft

Jake didn't need the ear; he just wanted it for his collection. With his grubby little hands, he bent down and picked up the mutilated ear that was covered in dried blood and dirt. He studied the torn ear and the pretty little butterfly earring for a moment before shoving it deep down into the pocket of his dirty, worn coveralls. Jake knew that it belonged to the young lady that he saw last night.

“Jake! Get your ass over here! NOW!” Louie, his brother, called from the back porch. Jake kicked the fresh pile of dirt where the lady was buried, then ran through the woods toward his house. He could smell the stew cooking when he got halfway through the back yard.

“What the hell were you doing back in them woods? I told you to stay put of there!” Louie scolded, rapping his younger brother on the back of the head as he walked through the kitchen door.

“Just looking for worms, Louie,” Jake lied, sitting down next to his little sister, Jo. Jo looked just like Jake, only smaller. They both had brown curly hair and the brightest green eyes in the whole county, their mother used to say. Jake looked over at Jo, who was already halfway through her first bowl of stew. She looked up and smiled at Jake just long enough to take a breath, then buried her tiny face back into the bowl, slurping the rest of the liquid soup.

“Here! Dig in!” Louie said as he placed a big, green bowl down in front of him. Jake’s mouth watered instantly. With his dirty little hands he grabbed the spoon and dove in, quickly shoving a spoon full into his mouth. Hmmmm … he had never tasted anything so good. At least for a week, anyway.

Louie sat down at the table and watched his younger siblings devour the stew in a matter of seconds. He smiled with pride that he was able to feed them this week. Winter was tough, but now that spring was here, things were starting to look better. Louie knew that he would be able to feed them more often now. Daily, in fact, like a real family should eat.

After lunch, Jake took his pa’s old fishing pole and walked down the dirt road to Old Man Blake’s farm. The farm had been abandoned for years, so he knew that he would be able to fish without getting shot. As he sat on the muddy grass next to the edge of the pond, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ear. It was a pretty ear. He tilted it to the side and noticed that there was ear wax in it. He then sniffed the ear to see if it smelled, but it smelled like all the other ears; dried blood and spoiled meat.

After no luck with the fish, Jake walked back home. Louie and Jo had gone into town, so now was the perfect time for him to hide the ear. He ran upstairs to his bedroom and shut the door, lifted up his old mattress and pulled out a small jewelry box that used to belong to his mother. Next to an old silver locket was a small squared foil. He grabbed the foil and carefully unfolded it. Inside the foil were 5 bloodied ears. He pulled the pretty ear with the butterfly ear ring out of his pocket and neatly laid it beside the others. Now he had six.

Jake quickly folded the foil and shoved it back into the box, then dropped the mattress and ran downstairs and turned on the television before his brother and sister came home. If Louie knew that he was keeping those ears, he was sure that Louie would have his ear, too.

After eating three more bowls of stew, Louie announced that he was going back to town that night.

“You keep an eye on your lil’ sister, okay?” Louie said as he grabbed an old bottle of aftershave from the medicine cabinet and splashed a handful onto his face. He smelled just like Pa did.

“Can’t we come with you?” Jo cried from her bedroom.

“NO! I’m going to work,” Louie shouted, but Jake knew better. Louie never worked a day in his life. Louie was going to look for ‘another’ lady.

Jake woke up to the sound of a chain saw. He quietly crept down the stairs and out the back door to see where the noise was coming from. There was a light coming from the old barn in the back yard. He quickly ran to the side of the barn and peeked in the window. What Jake saw made him turn around and vomit all over his bare feet.

“Morning guys! I have a surprise for you!” Louie sang as Jo and Jake walked into the kitchen. Jake looked down and saw a heaping pile of sausage centered in the middle of the table.

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