Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reviews of the week

Title: Fat Chances
Author: J.S. Wilsoncroft
Rating: Five Star
Review by: mandy I read Indie (twimom101 book blog)
Annie is the girl at her school that gets called disgusting names by her classmates thanks to being overweight. She hates to exercise and has tried all the diets out there to no avail. She has come to terms with being overweight and would just like to finish her remaining school year and leave town to go live with her aunt. She has had it with all the 'skinny' people in her small town and just wants to leave it all behind. That is until she meets Cory...breathtakingly, beautiful Cory.

Molly, Annie's twin sister, finally wears her down enough to go to Zumba one night. *Enter sexy Zumba teacher* Cory is romance novel material...everything about him screams gorgeous! So why is he suddenly interested in Annie? What does she have to offer this sexy man that other skinnier, prettier girls can't?

Annie cannot fathom what Cory sees in her, but he is adamant that he is truly into her. Now it's all up to Annie...will she beable to see in herself what Cory sees before it's too late? Or will a lifetime of being self-conscience ruin something great before it ever gets a chance to begin?

Another amazingly, sweet book by Wilsoncroft. I believe that she could write about a grill cheese sandwich and I would inhale it. Fat Chances was such a wonderful book, I devoured it within a few hours.

I am in love with how the characters, mainly the females, are not model perfect. It makes the stories more real and easier to relate to. At least it is to me. And the men she writes about...nom nom...I could just eat them up. They are adorable and caring...and I am absolutely positive that they do not exist in the real world. *I kid, I kid. My hubby is perfect and loves me just the way I am.*

If you haven't read any of Wilsoncroft's books...get to it. What are you waiting for? Her books are real and I am almost sure you will love them as much as I do.

Author: Theresa Oliver
Rating: Five Star
Review by: Firefly & Wisp Publishing
Star-- by Theresa Oliver, isn't just a regular novel inspired by Vampires-- it is much more. After being turned, centuries ago, Abigail Starland, now receives a new assignment-- Protect the head of the CIA's son-- at all costs-- Normally, Star would have laughed at such a job, but since her friend, Rick, was assigned to the same kid, she decided to go along with it- What happens next surprised Star the most. The kid that she had to protect was the first person to ever set her heart on fire... With love in her sights now, Star vowed to protect the kid at all costs-- even if she had to do the unthinkable-- turn him into a vampire... This book is fast paced, good humoured, and historical. If you are into the revolutionary war, and thirst for blood, this book is for you. Recommended for Young adult readers--
Title: Cambria
Author: Theresa Oliver
Rating: Five Star
Review by:D. Jayne
Fantasy is my go-to genre when I want to get lost in another world. Cambria is a beautiful story that weaves so many of the fantastic fantasy themes together and produces a page-turning book I didn't want to put down!

Seth is a young man going to visit his Uncle Herman one summer and discovers he and his family is much more than he ever dreamed. He finds himself in the world Cambria, a mystical place where honor and loyalty are more than just words, where knights, Kings, dragons and magic are more than just legends lost to history. Seth embarks on a true Hero's Journey, struggling to find his identity and purpose, battling darkness and evil, and finding romance in the arms of the lovely Brianna. But don't be misled into thinking this is a story that has been told countless times, because it's not! It has wonderful classic elements, but it's wholly unique with unexpected twists and suprises.

The characters were easy to connect with, and I found myself invested in them very early on. Seth, coming from a modern day realm, and Brianna and her friends existing in Cambria, creates a lovely blend; a fairy-tale world that keeps a grip on the present. The dialogue and descriptions are stirring and the author has an excellent grasp on language. Several times I was shaking my head in awe because I could so easily visualize what was being described, and I was able to do so not because of lengthy, tedious, paragraphs but rather through eloquent, well-chosen word combinations. The world building was very good and when I cicked the last page, I found myself saddened that I was going to have to leave this world behind. I hope there will be another book, and if so I will snatch it up immediately!

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