Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Release Information

Well the official launch of this blog will be Monday June 11th

While we are getting ready for the release, there will be changes made, any and all feedback on these changes is welcome.

Also, as we are starting to set this up, please feel free to take part in the following opportunities.

1. Book Trailer share.
 email us the youtube link to your book trailer, and we will add it to our Write More channel on youtube, and it will be viewed in the youtube widget.

2. Guest post
 we are open to guest posts, anything writing, reading, or reviewing related.

3. Feature Swap
 There are two ways we can do this.
    One is write up a feature, using an author or book, and we will post it on our blog, as a post. We will in return give you the same information regarding one of our books or authors.
     Two you give us a cover photo, and or snapshot of your blog, page website, along with the link, and we will feature this on the Left side of our blog, for One week, and beings this is a swap we expect the same in return.

My email for this is WriteMore.Blog(at)

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