Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Write by Lee Taylor

All write, this time it’s personal.

So, I heard a rumour that the written word is dead… how much of a stupid statement is that? Saying that to an author, or an aspiring writer is like saying to a torn up seven year old that Santa iced poor Mr Tiddles the family hamster… it just doesn’t sit right with me, and so, I naturally using my words, I continued to club them over the head with my fists. Why aren’t I in jail? I guess it turns out the guy was a masochist.

How can people say that the written word is dead? It’s in everything, as you are reading this; that is proof of how not dead the written word is. On the doo hickey of a comp thingy that you are reading this here ma bobbing post, all the programmes that run are powered by words… no not so much Arthurian words of power, that grant the software programmer D&D super powers, but more multi sequencing Hex coding …

This being said, and no matter how viciously I berate the Muppets of how wrong they are, there is an awful lot of recycling. The problem, is, of course people are content with seeing the remake of a remake, of a remake of a book… in books and television, because hey, guess what were not immortal, most kids today, and adults, are content with watching what is offered to them, without delving into the old classics, me personally, I will often watch a modern film first, before watching the original, before then reading the book it was based on… why is this? Doesn’t that make me sad? Well… yeah probably, I just don’t like to make assumptions and say anything like: “That was so original, I don’t think they could ever do any better than that…” then watch the original, and sneer the whole way through it, convinced of how inferior it was going to be.  Why again? You say? Well.. I guess I don’t want to be one of those ass hats… then again on the flip side, there is nothing more annoying/egotistical/ begging to be beaten with a peg leg than people who say: “Oh, yeah, I watched the original, you didn’t know what you were missing…” and to that I say “Der… me no fink you need to live.” Honestly, why must hipsters be there just to say something contrary… Yes it was a hipster who told me the written word was dead.

Back to my point, a lot of the media we like today, is based off the success of older such films, for example there is a whole generation around today that wouldn’t have appreciated Alien, and so out comes Prometheus, a prequel to it… and with that, there will undoubtedly be another kick start of the franchise, because hey, they didn’t know of it till then, or they heard a rumour about a thing called a face hugger… (least terrifying name ever) they should have gone with a Fraper because god knows the term is popular on facebook today… but if gives them a reason to not generate new content as its already about!

This is a shame, but then again, this sort of thing has been going on for years… upon years, upon freaking years… people are used to it, they are used to usual recipe, of a brooding vampire, a sulking or sultry teenager distraught with the fact that their boy/girlfriend moved away, and left them all hollow in side… or ya know, a rather uppity Emo… this is why I try to go at great lengths to not write or be influenced by anything I have seen before… I don’t want people to pick up one of my books, and read the blurb, and the first few chapters, and predict the course of events… sure this can mean that it could be harder to read… but what I am try to do is pave the way for the next generation, recycling is good for the environment, sure, but can it be that good for our imaginations, if it is not being taken on new journeys of self-discovery? I mean, something had to have broken in recent times to get all these damn hipsters, chavs and emo’s not to mention the goths… Even well adjusted kids laugh when they are asked if they read… some are even dumb enough to say no while reading a message…  Maybe it’s the bath salts… so what is the next generation going to be called? We have had the eighties, the nineties, the naughties, and not what the onesees? The twosees? The twenty ones? Or the deuces…. Applies to a number of terms… or the why naughts…

In summary, the written word can never die as long as people dream. Too profound an ending to a topic? Then what about the written can never die as long as hipsters keep annoying me to the point of insanity. (I never said what is original has to make sense mwah ahahahha… ha…)

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